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Ok, Kella is my heroine of the day! ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ˜ผ๐Ÿ† Having the day off (my Saturday) and a chance to sleep in I had blissfully entered que serรก serรก mode last night. This morning Kella, my Calico, jumped up on my bed and walked across my CPAP device on the nightstand, abruptly discontinuing the flow of oxygen by turning it off. I told her “Really? Trying to get me out of bed, huh?” I reach for my phone to check the time and see the big lettering calendar alert taking up my screen “9:00 NEURO”. Looking into the corner I see that the current time is 8:49 AM, so you can only imagine the first words out of my mouth as I had completely forgotten I had an appointment. Needless to say, I threw myself out of bed and into the closet to find something to wear, took a swig of mouthwash, ran a handful of water through my hair and managed to carefully grip my glass perfume bottle as courtesy to the staff I’m about to see. Kella meanwhile is wide-eyed in the other room not sure what’s going on as I grab my keys and race to my appointment down the street.

I show up only two minutes late, get my vitals taken, and sit quietly in the room. My neurologist has temporarily left Houston so I’m seeing someone I hadn’t met before. He walks in, I shake his hand, and we begin the appointment. As I’m sitting there in a bout of silence as he’s clicking away at his keyboard, I was marveling at how Kella woke me up, and that I was able to get there and as put-together as I was.

Then it dawned on me…I’m wearing shoes with no socks, my bra is twisted up in both the front and back, and my underwear decided to stay at home and not come with me to the appointment.

With this revelation I fumble over answering a few simple questions because I’m slightly horrified at my external-yet-invisible state of affairs. The new doctor then takes his laptop and rolls over to me to show me and explain some of my stats. I rest my elbow on the counter with my hand covering my mouth, saying a silent prayer that I don’t have to speak and that my perfume was enough to bide me some time. The rest of the appointment went very well and wasn’t noteworthy, although I couldn’t wait to get out of there for their sake, not mine.

I got home, kicked on the coffee pot, and proceeded to shower Kella with treats and the highest of praises and affection. I got back into my PJ’s and decided I ought to share this with you in the event you needed a laugh or smile. Sigh, Happy Saturday, Jen Dickey. Happy Saturday. #ThisIsMyLife

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