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Jen Dickey

Hey, how’s the writing going?

A frequently asked question from a dear friend, yet again today, and handful of others who insist I stop ignoring my inner guidance to write. My last blog post was April 2020. For some reason I can be good at talking myself out of things I love or benefit me. Writing is one of those things. Why? Well…

My unhealthy ego says, “say something profound, this is your chance to get out there!”

My inner critic says, “Nobody really cares what you have to say. Who do you think you are, Brené f*kin’ Brown?!”

My inner wisdom says, “It’s not for them, it’s for you, Me, through you.”

My spirit of perfectionism says, “If you were really serious about writing, you would be more intentional and dedicated. You aren’t making much of an effort here. Only the truly dedicated make a difference.”

My peacekeeper says, “Can you be kinder to yourself in all this?”

My anxiety says, “I can’t handle this s*, I’m out.”

My heart says, “When you’re ready, you know.”

My God says nothing, just smiles.

That, my friends, is the tip of the “why” iceberg. I’ve now outed myself, likely to the surprise of no one. My Etch-a-Sketch now shaken and I can begin anew.

So, hey, how’s the writing going?

Glad you asked! I just stepped right over a date-shame gap and lived to tell about it, so I guess there is something to say after all. How are you?

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One comment on “Hello stranger.

  1. Cindy Cline says:

    Be kind to yourself.
    I ALWAYS ENJOY your writings.

    It’s one of your many gifts and talents!

    Big Love,


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