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Jen Dickey

My dear, you are neither late nor too early. You are not first or last, ahead or behind, prepared or unprepared. You simply ‘are’ and with such glory.

Allow yourself to be, to create, to explore the wonder that surrounds you. Dare yourself to dream, to love, to fall down and get up. Get up. Rise up and with such glory.

Encourage even the smallest of voices to speak up so all may hear and know their intention. It tugs on your soul like a child eager for a moment of undivided time. Don’t say “not now, little one”. Make your declaration(s) known and with such glory.

Keep your eyes on your paper, a confident tune in your heart, and a vision for all things possible and impossible. All is as it should be. You are as you should be. BE boldly and with such glory.

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